Cell Phone for Boys

Back in my generation it was Guess Jeans or Liz Claiborne purses that were all the rage, and thankfully they were less than $100 if I remember correctly.  Now a days tech gadgets are the “in” thing to have and we are talking in the hundreds.  How are parents suppose to keep up and do the kids even need them?

IMG_1663I really struggle with kids with cell phones under the age of 16, but I realize there are many situations where I can see they are essential for family communication.  Cell phones have become and essential tool for adults for many reasons and one of those essential tools is to help us stay connected to one another especially our kids.  The parents these days are raising their kids in a different world than they grew up in so with the increased challenges cell phones enable a level of security.

I will say our three boys 12, 10, & 8 don’t have cell phones, but they currently don’t need one.  Since I work from home to take care of our home based businesses my #1 priority is the boys.  I take them everywhere they need to go, and I’m usually with them at their sports activities or other things they attend.  If for some reason I’m not with them they are in another parents care or supervision that has a cell phone.

If they were go get a phone now I recently got the opportunity to try out a Casio G’zOne offered by Verizon Wireless.  I think it’s perfect for boys, construction workers, fitness buffs, farmers, and anyone who is highly active.  It’s water, dust and shock resistant; has a walkie-talkie feature, as well as many other functions that Andriod Market enabled Smartphones have these days.  I hope this style sticks around for a while because it would be perfect for our boys.

What do you think about kids and phones & does your child have one?

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