The Best Chore Chart for Kids

I finally nailed it down to what works for our family when it comes to the boys helping out with household chores.    If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will see that finding the right combination is something I’ve been working on for years.  Here are the previous posts if you want to take a gander:

As I said in “Moms are Teachers Too” post my time may revolve around the family but that doesn’t mean I’m a maid, and should do all the household cleaning.  This day in age kids should pitch in to take care of the house in which the family resides.  I’ve witnessed first hand how hard it is on a Mom that thinks she has to do it all.  It wasn’t pretty to witness, and the kids suffered mentally because of that mentality.

My latest chore routine for our boys has been in effect for almost a year and the boys have said over and over again that it’s the easiest to understand and accomplish.  So here’s how it works . . .

Printable Chore ChartThe chores are broken up into rooms.  They pick a different room each week.  The chart is broken up into rooms with a list of things that could be done in that room.  The rooms on the chart are all rooms that family members use.  On the chart is also a bedroom section so they know what to do to keep their rooms/bathroom clean.

They do two chores a day and if they aren’t accomplished then there’s no handheld technology time.  I’ve noticed that this is a good motivator.  There is still a limit on the time they spend playing electronics, but thankfully with school in session, and sports they don’t have time to overdo playing on their gadgets.  The summer is when limits are set because they have lots of extra time.

chore for boysIf you read my previous posts you would have read about the ROCKS. Rocks are still utilized if they want to spend a few hours playing the Wii or Playstation.  The reasoning for the rocks is so they know what is expected.  That way they aren’t coming to me asking what to do next.  There are 5 rocks each with a different requirement:

  • chores for kidsChore ~ a chore done in the room you’ve selected for the week.
  • Clothes ~ wash & dry a load,  fold a load, or anything else that has to do with clothes.
  • Read ~ read for 20 minutes
  • Toys ~ put toys away that have been left out.
  • Love ~ ask Mom if you’ve been good and earned your “love” rock.
  • The picture shows other things they can do to achieve each rock.

Granted you may be thinking this may be overkill, but if you give it some thought as adults we have responsibilities in order to achieve our fun or things we what to buy that aren’t necessary.  Getting the boys into that frame of mind as well as knowing how to keep a household clean is a win for their future.  I look at my parenting as if I’m raising men and a potential husband, or one that can take care of himself if he doesn’t get married.

This chore idea may not work for your family, but I hope it gives you some ideas on how to motivate your kids to help out around the house.  The more they understand what’s expected the easier it is for them to get on board.  At least that’s my experience with our boys.

What’s is you main parenting focus?



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