Transitioning to a Farm Girl

Life on the farm is never boring and I learn something new just about every day.  Since my allergies have gotten better with age My Farmer randomly will ask for my help, and each task is a new adventure.  I’m getting close to needing my own slop boots, but for now I slip our oldest farm boy’s boots on and they fit like a glove.

IMG_2781Just a couple of weeks ago My Farmer was wanting to get a field of hay baled and normally they either round bale or square bale it.  This time he wanted to do both and My Farmer wondered if I wouldn’t mind driving the tractor to help with square baling.  That way my Father-in-Law could round bale, our oldest farm boy was taking the round bales back to the barn on a tractor, and then My Farmer and I would square bale.  I was up for the challenge!


One wagon down, one to go!

The last time I helped bale I did pretty good, but almost wiped out the neighbors mailbox, and unfortunately I did knock down some corn.  Man those turns are a challenge I must say!  This time though I drove the tractor like a champ and made My Farmer proud.  I will admit it was a little intimidating and scary at first, because I was afraid to mess up, but I did great and we got two wagons full of hay baled.  Yeah!  Challenge complete!

This “City Chic on a Farm” really doesn’t like getting dirty, but helping out more and more around the farm is actually fun and memory making times with My Farmer.  I will say though I hit the shower immediately to clean myself off.  Thank goodness I’m helping on a farm this day in age, and not back in the day when there wasn’t a shower and warm water to get clean up after working hard.  😉

Have you ever helped a farmer or grew up on a farm?



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