Farm Pond Fun

farm pondThere are endless things for our boys to do here on the farm, but to be honest I still hear the words, “I’m bored.”  As they grow older though they are realizing all the adventures they can have just here at home, which means entertaining themselves.  They are now old enough to ride quads, go creek walking, and they just found out how much fun the farm pond can be. Granted I would prefer a pool in the backyard, but one of the farm ponds will have to do for now.

Thankfully this farm pond isn’t visited by the cows so they don’t contaminate it with cow pies and such.  This pond is mainly for fishing, and now the boys swimming enjoyment.  The other two ponds here on the farm do aid in taking care of the herd, because it’s their source of water when they are out on pasture.

Turtle manThe past two days the boys have enjoyed all the fun things that the pond has to offer.  Of course swimming is the main enjoyment, but they also liked driving the little boat, catching frogs, jumping off the fishing dock, and finding turtles.  Our youngest became the next “Turtle Man” without yelling “live action.”

I will say though there are somethings to be careful about when swimming in a farm pond.  Two of the boys ended up with leaches that were pulled off immediately.  From now on we plan to have them wear water/swimming shoes to prevent it in the near future.

132While the boys enjoyed swimming I enjoyed watching them, taking pictures, and listening to nature.   I love seeing animals in their natural habitat and snapping a few pictures.  While I moseyed around the pond I was able to get some great pictures of the frogs, turtles, and dragonflies.  Nope, no fish pictures this time!

What adventures does your family have out in nature?

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