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Picnicing with Pigs

Ah the days are upon us where we can eat outdoors and enjoy the warm weather.  It’s been a rough 6 months here at the farm, and we’re hoping after having rain or snow just about every week for the … Continue reading

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One Emotional Week

Phew this week has been a doozie!  I don’t usually give you a play by play of my week like a diary entry, but I gotta share this one. My week began on Sunday night/early Monday morn with my middle … Continue reading

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A Break From Technology

I’m finding that I need a break from technology at times.  It’s really no surprise to me even though I realized blogging is my passion.  For instance, this is the last school week for the boys and I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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Old Fashion Respect

I’ve seen it in old movies and cowboy flicks where the men remove their hats in a variety of situations, but I rarely see that level of respect anymore, which is sad. This is one of many aspects of hubby … Continue reading

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Sooo Much Potential

Out here in the country you pass by old school houses and in some cases they’ve been repurposed, but in most cases they haven’t.  This post isn’t about an old school house, but more about a farm house that I … Continue reading

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Managing Technology Time

Back when I was growing up is when the first Nintendo game system came out, and my sister and I loved to play Super Mario & Tetris.  This day in age we have the Wii for a family gaming system, … Continue reading

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Vitamins are Essential

I realized the other day how much my mind and body relies on the vitamins that I do my best to take everyday and I just have to share with you what happened. In order to stay on a vitamin … Continue reading

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Planting Season is Upon Us

This time last year most if not all of the Farmers in this area where done planting.  Unfortunately this year, due to Mother Nature’s record breaking precipitation schedule this spring, the Farmers are getting a later start.  They are ready … Continue reading

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"Herding" is My Game

As I sit at my computer and tweet on Twitter, connect with friends on Facebook, and do what I need to do to promote my brand I’m finding myself trying to gather groups of people to visit, chat, and stay … Continue reading

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A Guilt Free Day

Guilt ~ a feeling I carry with me everyday.  Whether it be guilt about not being able to keep up with household chores, guilt that I didn’t fix a healthy meal for my family, guilt about the distance between my … Continue reading

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