Typical Country Livin’ Sights

I must be honest.  Country living has some interesting sights that spark history questions, as well as ones that make my mind go  . . . “hum.”  No matter what though . . . I’m taking a liking to it, but the city girl in me will always miss the convenience that city living provides.

I was never one that liked Social Studies or History during the grade school years, but I must say certain sights spark that interest of history.  For instance, there are many abandoned farm houses that I pass on a daily basis.  I would love to know the history of when it was built and the family whom once lived behind that front door.  What happened to the family and why is the house slowly rotting away?  My heart goes out to the house that no longer has life living within, but rather slowly falling apart.

Oh the one room school house, much like the one in Little House on the Prairie.  Yep I’ve seen some of them repurposed into houses, but I’ve also seen ones that are no longer a part of a child’s education.  It would be nice to see those one room school houses turned into museums for those of us to see.

In our small town there is a train station that was used back in the day when trains & horses were the only transportation.  Thankfully it’s been turned into a museum, and sadly I have yet to check it out.  I guess I better do that sometime and take the boys.  We could all have a history lesson together.

Last but not least the thing that makes me go  . . . “hum.”  A typical country scene outside many houses is a close line full of clothes.  I often wonder when the country air is permeated with the smell of poop from cows or pigs do they still hang their clothes out?  Believe me when I say the country air can really stink at times and make you wish you could hold your breath for a long time.  I bet that clothes hanging out in such stinky air would end up smelling like poop too.  Just sayin’.  I might have to test it out sometime!  😉

What country scenes make you go “hum?”



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