Dirt to Mud

Just recently the preschool Director asked parents to either volunteer to help during the Grandparents Day event or make a dish that would be served.  Well . . . since I stay home with my boys preschool is “their” time.  I did physically volunteer with my oldest son and he still participated even though I was there, but my other two sons would hang on me so I’ve been volunteering in other ways.

Unfortunately the need was a covered dish and as you all know I hate to cook and only bake when I’m in the mood, but I volunteered anyway. The Director gave me a recipe for dirt pudding, and immediately this chocoholic started thinking of how I could also make one for the family that was a chocolate version.  Here’s the recipe and how I changed it:


  • Mud Pudding

    Mud Pudding

    1 package of Oreos (substitute chocolate filled oreos)

  • 1 container of cool whip (substitute chocolate cool whip)
  • 1/2 stick of butter
  • 8 oz of cream cheese
  • 2 boxes of french vanilla pudding (substitute chocolate pudding)
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 3 cups of milk (I almost substituted chocolate milk but decided not to)  🙂

Crumble Oreos in a Ziploc bag.  (This worked ok but instead I put the Oreos in the 9 x 13 and crushed them with the Pampered Chef Mix & Chop.  I got much finer pieces that way and the Oreo filing wasn’t wasted on the Ziploc bag.)

Spread 1/2 bag of Oreos in a 9 x 13 pan. (I removed half of the Oreo mixture, and made sure there was enough to cover the bottom of the pan.)

In a bowl combine everything except milk & pudding.

In a separate bowl mix milk & pudding for 3 or 4 minutes until thick.

Combine mixtures together, spread in pan, and top with the rest of the crumbled Oreos.

Refrigerate and serve.

Tee Hee Hee!!  I sent the required “Dirt Pudding” recipe to preschool and kept a separate “Mud Pudding” for us.  Like I said I don’t like to bake or cook but when I do I make double to make my time in the kitchen more worth while.

What desserts have you doctored up?

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  1. Ryan says:

    My family got to eat the leftovers not used at preschool (as I volunteered to take Sherry’s pan back to her)! So I’d say it was triple worth her while! thanks again sherry! love your friend, ryan

  2. Jo says:

    It looks yummy!
    I am follwing from MBC and the FFF group. Come visit my blog at:http://joshealthcorner.blogspot.com/

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