Farm Gains & Losses

Every year is different here on the farm, and each year comes with it’s own set of challenges.  Whether it be the fluctuations of market prices, Mother Nature’s weather choices, or the health and welfare of our cattle herd.  Each year is a different combination.

Last year was a wet year, but yet dry during the growing season for the grain.  However grain prices were up so farmers had a good year as long as they were able to get all their crops out of the fields.  We finally got all of ours out on December 11th.  That’s late!!

Our freezer beef business is growing year by year, which is great!  Due to the demand we bought some feeder calves to help supply that demand, which is great for building our customer base, but bad for the bottom line.  We will end up breaking even or loosing money, but that’s all a part of growing a business!

When there’s a cattle loss here on the farm it costs a pretty penny.  One of our cows had her baby in the mud and it drowned in the rainy Spring of 2011, she had a still born this year, and last week she passed herself.  The Vet was even stumped as to her troubles.  Unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover health problems, and there’s no health insurance for the herd.

As I’ve said before farming is the biggest gamble and as another blogger said it’s not for control freaks.

I hope your year is better than ours!


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2 Responses to Farm Gains & Losses

  1. Its a gamble, but with out Martz kind of people like yourselves American Farming dream would be gone, you all never stop, and yes a gamble but such a fruit of the labor.
    Those burgers I’ve ate at your place on my top 5 in the country!
    Love what all of you do for so many:
    The american farmer nothing like it:

  2. Christie Kresky says:

    I don’t think I could handle that sort of loss. I know it comes with the business but it would be hard. You are a strong woman.

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