One Busy Field

"applying fertilizer"

It’s that time of year again. . . planting season.  In my opinion it’s the the second busiest time for grain farmers, with harvesting being the busiest.  However I’d have to say planting and harvesting are probably equally as busy and stressful, because farmers take a sigh of relief at the end of each one.

"working the ground"

Phew it’s was busy 24 hrs for one field last week!  The field had fertilizer applied by the local Co-op, My Farmer ran the disc over it to mix the fertilizer in, and then finally corn seed was planted.  That’s a lot within a short period of time and it’s not a small field!

"planting the corn"

During planting season farmers try and get as much done when the ground is dry enough and before the next rain.  So if you see farmers out in the fields after dark with their lights on, then that’s why.  It’s crunch time and some farmers have more fields to tend to than others.

For us we have 6 huge fields all planted in corn, soybeans or hay.  Thankfully hay is a perennial so we don’t have to sow it in the ground every year, but it has it’s own set of maintenance because it needs to be cut and baled.  Baling can be one to four times a year depending on Mother Nature.  Last year we barely got two cuttings.

Hang in there on your busy days!  😉


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  1. Christie Kresky says:

    It wore me out just reading this blog. Wow, he is busy. Living in the suburbs doesn’t seem so busy.

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