Enjoying the Freedom

Ahhh Spring is here and time for the farm to come alive again.  The pastures are green again and ready for the cattle to graze, the fields have been worked to prepare for the planting season, and the hay field is growing so a cutting and baling is just around the corner.

Just like we enjoy getting out and enjoying the warm weather so do the cattle.  They are now shedding their winter coats, and their mouth is watering at the anticipation of the taste of the fresh pasture grass.  Over the winter the herd was fed hay and grain since there was no fresh pasture grass to enjoy, but thankfully now there is.

My Farmer bought more breeding cows to add to the herd recently and until the other day they were pinned up in the bottom of the bank barn.  He opened the gates and finally let them join the herd, and you should have seen their excitement.  What a hoot!  They were running and kicking their back legs and didn’t know what to do with themselves.  It was so funny to watch.

Hum . . . what to do? Freedom or feed?

In another part of the farm the feeder calves, that are fattened out for freezer beef, were ready for some freedom too.  They had been pinned up in the feed lot around the wood barn since last Fall.  My Farmer opened the gate to let them out into the connecting pasture.  They were so excited they were running around too and didn’t even come back to the barn to feed that night.  They’re not stupid!  They were afraid they’d loose their freedom and the gate would be closed on them.  The second night though one calf ventured up into the barn to enjoy the grain, while the others stayed behind.  He had the grain all to himself!  I’m sure that was a treat!

What’s your favorite springtime pleasure?

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