First Day with New Puppy

Our new puppy is home!  I was a little nervous about how our first day with a new puppy was going to go, but thankfully we managed just fine.  Her name is Lucy, she’s a 2nd generation cockapoo, and she’s redish in color.

cockapoo puppyThe boys and I picked her up from the breeder and she immediately gravitated toward my middle son.  On our way home she couldn’t get comfortable until she was in his lap, and once she got there she was calm the rest of the way home.  It was priceless to watch, and I wonder if she will continue to gravitate toward him as the years go by?  Only time will tell.

Thankfully we had our new puppy essentials on hand when we got home.

  • dog crate
  • dog crate liners
  • puppy pads
  • teething toys
  • Iams Smart Puppy food

cockapoo puppyThe only thing I was missing was shampoo, but I used the boys White Rain 3 in 1 body wash/shampoo/conditioner and it worked great.  She definitely needed a bath after running around outside with the boys before bedtime, and she had a strong odor that I’m hoping will lighten up over time and baths.

Her first full day was mostly sleeping so she stayed in the crate, was outside to pee/poop, but unfortunately only drank a little water and didn’t eat anything.  The breeder warned me that would happen so I knew it was normal.  She was peeing and pooping so that was a good sign.

Our first night was a little rough, because she did wake up a few times and cried; however, I knew she was fine so I left her alone.  Thankfully she fell back to sleep each time.  It was hard not to go and comfort her, but I read that if I react to her cry then she will learn that it gets my attention.  So by not reacting after “lights out” she will quickly learn that bedtime means bedtime.  Hum, sounds like what I did with our three boys to help them learn to sleep through the night.

So our family with a new furry member has begun, and it’s like having a newborn baby in the house again, but thankfully not as hard.  I will say though I have 3 helpers that are old enough to help feed, bath, and make sure she gets exercise so for that I am thankful.

Have you had a new puppy experience?

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4 Responses to First Day with New Puppy

  1. Aunt soozie says:

    Lucy is beautiful I am so glad she and Dylan have started a long lasting relationship She is adorable will she be an inside dog ?

  2. Sara Broers says:

    Curious as to how things are going~ She is so cute!

    • CCOAF says:

      Training a puppy is a challenge to say the least! Thankfully I got her to sleep through the night within the first week. Now it’s potty training and she’s s-l-o-w-l-y getting it. Thanks for asking Sara!

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