Meanings of "Poo"

I wrote a post the other day about “As the Poop Goes Flying” and I got an interesting comment from a Mom after she read it that made my heart sink.  She said she’d be willing to come and clean out the barn if I would help her clean her Autistic son’s room after he had smeared poop all over it.  My heart is soooo with her!

It was interesting to me though that poop has a different meaning for everyone depending on the way you look at it.  So my mind began to wonder. . .

  • For a farmer it’s the smell of money because that means the animal is healthy.
  • For a new Mom or Dad it’s the beginning of parenthood.
  • For a parent of a toddler it’s praying the poo ends in the potty on a consistent basis.
  • For a parent raising a child with disabilities it’s a life long job.
  • I love Dirty Jobs!

    For Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs it’s another way to “get dirty.”

  • For a Doctor it’s the way he/she measures health.
  • For everything living that has a digestive system it’s relief.
  • For someone who’s Anorexic, it’s about weight.
  • For farmers, landscapers, etc. it’s for fertilizer.
  • For the male species it’s ALWAYS funny.
  • For a Zoo Keeper it’s part of the job.
  • BUT for all of us in general IT STINKS!!

This may seem like an odd post, but I’m surrounded since I’m on a farm and live with 4 males.  This is my therapy!  😉

Do you have another one to add to the list?

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4 Responses to Meanings of "Poo"

  1. Lana Wallpe says:

    And then there is that stuff in the litter box; one more kind of poop to clean up after! 😉

    Good to see you yesterday! I need to get myself caught up in the blog world and tune in better to more blogs!

    Mi vida loca! (or however you spell it!)

  2. Whitney says:

    Too funny {except #4} and all of them are so true.
    I have been blessed with a child who has no disabilities. She has been a magnet for everything else and has had nearly every little sickness known to man. Every time I start to complain, I have to remind myself that even though it’s another doctor visit, another medicine, and more missing work, my child will be cured.

  3. Anna says:

    Such a deep post about poop – love it! And thanks for linking up to #findingthefunny!

  4. Fun post! At our house, “Poop”, is the funniest word in the English language. We just say it randomly whenever we need a laugh! Of course, my house is full of boys, too!

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