Shit on My Shoes

The peacefulness of the farm is enjoyable, when I actually take the time to experience it.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough even though it’s one of the assets of country living that’s so great.  To be honest I’m afraid to venture out into the pastures, woods, and past the barns because I don’t want to have an allergic sneezing fit.  However I have found that there are times of the year that I can, and I need to take advantage of those times.

We have two adult size quads here on the farm along with a small one for the boys.  Our oldest son can drive one of the adult ones, and I enjoy watching him and My Farmer take joy rides with the other sons as passengers.  Well last night they pulled up in front of the house and motioned me to come out and join them.  I decided to take the chance in hopes to enjoy a ride with my family and not pay for it with sneezing fits the rest of the night.

Our neighbor bull

We drove past the smelly barn where the pigs were, through the creek bed that’s suffering from the drought, and out into the pasture to visit the herd.  The herd is use to the quads so they just continue about their business as if we are one of them.  Unfortunately the bull from next door was on the other side of the fence wanting so badly to get through and join them.  Watching our bull react to the neighbor bull was interesting to watch, and My Farmer was explaining every move they made and every sound they uttered.  If the neighbor bull got through the fence then there would have been a bull fight for sure.  My Farmer said no matter how much he’s reinforced the fence the neighbor bull could get through, but he didn’t seem worried because our bull was handling the situation himself just fine.

So off we went through other pastures, around the low ponds, and riding along the perimeter of the soybean & corn fields.  Ah what an enjoyable ride other than noticing cow poop had been splashed up on my white shoes.  Ugh!  One of theses days I’ll learn my lesson and put my old shoes on or get some Muck boots.

After an enjoyable ride I kicked off my shit filled no longer white Sketcher shoes, threw some supper in the oven, and returned outside with some bleach and a brush.  It took me a while to make them white again, because did you know that poop stains white shoes.  Who knew?

Have you ever gotten a tour of a farm?

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