You Go Girls

The females are outnumbered here on the farm because it’s only my Mother-in-law and I, but I was reminded today that there are many more of us girls around.

I wrote the other day how the cattle are trained and spoiled.  My farmer takes such great care of the herd, which currently has 20 cows, 1 bull & 12 calves.  They are trained to follow him on the quad when he moves them from pasture to pasture, he watches over them closely for any health issues, he makes sure they have plenty of food and water, keeps the fence maintained to keep them safe, and yes he even spoils them when they bellow for their favorite pasture.

The previous post that mentioned how they gave my farmer a piece of their mind when they didn’t get what they wanted and he quickly gave in tickled me.  It also reminded me that I’m not the only chic here on the farm, and we gotta keep our farmer in line.  You go girls!!

Do your animals even out the gender score at your house?

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One Response to You Go Girls

  1. Lan says:

    NOPE! As my husband likes to say, he is the only stud on the farm. Actually we have some male barn cats that are still functioning, but they are counted on a day to day basis around here!

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