Leadership Role Upon Me

City Chic on a FarmI’ve put myself in a leadership role this year that brings forth many responsibilities and will test this tender hearted chic to the limit ~ no doubt.  I have leadership skills on a small level, but this opportunity will test me on those skills on a much broader level in more ways than I probably realize.

The leadership role I’ve taken on is the President position of our youth soccer league.  I’ve been told by others that parents can be harder to deal with than the kids, but I know their priority is to protect their children so I will respect their position.  Unfortunately though it will be the situations that catch-me-off-guard that will test my initial reaction and the lessons will follow.  Learning to deal with those situations and not internalize them will be my personal challenge.

There are many life skills that I hold dear that will hopefully help guide me through challenging situations in my leadership role:

  • We all want to know we’ve been heard and that we matter.
  • Feeling accepted by others is key.
  • Showing appreciation goes a long way.
  • Respect is something we all deserve.
  • The calm after the storm is the best time to talk things out and set boundaries.

I’ve taken on this leadership role in hopes for it to be a win/win situation for all involved.  Along the way I hope that I handle all my responsibilities in the best way possible, but I hope everyone remembers that I’m not perfect and it’s a volunteer position.  I’m excited to share my strengths and teach others, but I’m also looking forward to what I can learn from those around me who are also involved.

If you are a leader what life skills do you keep in mind?

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2 Responses to Leadership Role Upon Me

  1. Sara Broers says:

    You will not regret taking this plunge. It’s a great way to be involved in the events of your boys’ lives! That’s kind of how I found myself in the role of a CubMaster. Who would have ever imagined that one?

    • CCOAF says:

      I don’t think I’ll regret it either. This is a great networking opportunity to get to know more people in my small town. In my opinion the more people know the more eyes there will be on my kids to keep them safe. Thanks for the support Sara!!

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