A Revolving Winter Time Door


I don’t necessarily like winter, but I think I would miss the season change if I moved to Hawaii.  There are tons of things I dislike about winter and lately I found another one.

I look forward to snow days from school just as much as my boys do, and mainly because of the break in routine and more time I get to spent with them.  However, when snow days are back to back we get a little cabin fever, and when you’ve got boys cooped up it’s not a good thing.  Soooooo . . . I send them outside to play with the perfect wintertime toy . . . The snow.

Of course it takes me 20 minutes to get them all suited up, and sometimes longer if you don’t have their shirt sleeves or pants in the right position under their snowsuit.  Then don’t forget to tuck the gloves underneath the ends of their snowsuit sleeves.  Once it’s all said and done they’re sent outside, and I take a sigh of relief.

While they’re outside I look forward to a little piece and quiet, but unfortunately that doesn’t last long.  Usually 15 minutes max, if I’m lucky.  The door going outside becomes a revolving door for each little need:

  • Mom, my socks falling down in my boot.
  • Mom, I need my gloves retucked.
  • Mom, I have a scratch I can’t get to.
  • Mom, I’m thirsty.
  • And the last request is  . . .Mom, I’m coming in because I’m cold, so can you help me get undressed and do something with my cold wet clothes.

Yep after I send them out I might as well just sit by the door with the book.  There’s no time to get anything done, or to even take a potty break.  I know you may be thinking I might as well just go out with them, and I do at times to fulfill my memory making needs with my camera, but not every time.

Do your kids drive you nuts when they’re outside playing no matter what the season?

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0 Responses to A Revolving Winter Time Door

  1. Joy says:

    My oldest is only two so I have to go out with her and it really is a lot of trouble to get her all suited up and her interest wanes pretty quick so we have only been out once this year. I actually feel guilty about it to.

    I have an award at my blog for you-

  2. anne says:

    hi, I saw you on my blog frog “promotions” and also see that youare a sits girl! Hvae a great day, love the springy feel toyour blog-minus the picture of the snow! 🙂 anne

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