It’s Weening Time

Just like my farmer has to ween the calves from their Moms every Fall, there are many parents that do the same thing when their little ones begin their school years in Kindergarten.  It’s not easy to cut the cord from either perspective.

The calves and Moms cry for two to three days straight and it’s heart wrenching to hear, but it has to happen just like our babies have to leave the nest too.  It’s a part of life, whether you’re the child starting school or the parent letting go.

Thankfully us parents don’t cry as long as the cows & calves do, but it’s emotional none-the-less.  Just thinking about all three of my boys being in school this year makes my eyes water and a lump form in my throat.

I'll miss them during the day!

Unfortunately I’m one of the emotional types that can cry at the drop of a hat, so I expected the tears to be flowing when I left all three of my babies at school today.  Surprisingly enough the boys did very well, which allowed me to stay strong and be there for another close friend.

Phew the first day is now under our belt so it should be smooth sailing through the other 179 days.  Let’s hope anyway!  😉

How was the first day of school once all your kids were all Kindergarten and up?


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One Response to It’s Weening Time

  1. leontien says:

    Ohhh i’m sure they are gonna be just fine! Just like our baby calves!


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