School Day Routine

It’s back to routine time here on the farm.  We now have two out of our three in school full time and the youngest in preschool so routines are a must.  Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly love our summers when there’s no routine and we plan our days by ear, but it’s also nice to have routine and structure.

Planning anything is my “thing,” and I thrive on schedules and staying busy.  In order to get three young boys up and moving in the morning there’s a morning routine or we won’t get to school on time.  The routines don’t end there.  Once they come home there’s also an after school routine, and a bedtime routine.  Here they are in a nutshell:

Morning Routine (all done in 1 hour)

  • 30 minutes to watch a cartoon or play
  • go potty, wash hands, & get dressed
  • eat breakfast
  • brush teeth
  • shoes on, grab backpacks, and get themselves strapped in the van
Routine Chart

Routine Chart

After School Routine (1 hour)

Bedtime Routine (30 minutes)

  • take a shower
  • get clothes out for the next day
  • brush teeth
  • go potty & wash hands

The only thing I’ve learned with routines is you can’t expect them to do these routines on their own without couching and keep them moving.  Boys especially, at least mine anyway, can get distracted very easily so you have to keep on them.  The less coaching I have to do and the more they get things done without fooling around or getting sidetracked the more praise they get.  So yes I may be on them to keep moving, but they also get a “that a boy” when we’re in the van ready for school and we’re right on time.

What’s your routine and how does it work for you?

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