Savvy Blogging Summit

What an awesome 3 days at Savvy Blogging Summit!  I learned so much, made new friends, and spent quality time with current bloggy friends.

Cincinnati Bloggers at Savvy Blogging Summit

Cincinnati Bloggers at Savvy Blogging Summit

Cincinnati Bloggers @ Savvy Blogging Summit

Cincinnati Bloggers @ Savvy Blogging Summit

I think I attended this conference at just the right time for me personally and for taking my blog & social media presence to the next level.  Learning basic tips from Erin Chase on “email management,” to writing Ebook tips from Dana & Lynn, and all the way up to thinking out of the box from Dorie Clark.  All in all it was a great session line up with plenty of opportunities to learn depending on your needs and goals.  All the speakers knew their topic to the fullest and were willing to share what they knew as well as available to work with attendees one on one.

I’ve been to a variety of social media conferences and even helped organize one myself.  Each one is unique in their own way.  I have found that this one suites my needs, because I look at my blog as an extension of our farming business, and Savvy is more business based in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong your blog doesn’t have to have a business behind it, because it and of itself can be a business.

At any conference not only do I hope to learn something, but I also hope to make new connections to add to my network of social media friends.  It’s such a blessing to meet those in person that you see on-line and have a connection beyond the computer screen.  I make one close connection at every conference and this one is no different.  My close connection this conference was Tawnya.  One sweet Mom and I wish her the best in her business as well as

Lisa of Organize365 & City Chic on a Farm & Lisa from Organize365

City Chic on a Farm & Lisa from Organize365

her social media presence.  I also got the opportunity to spend some quality time with my bloggy friend, Lisa, who has blown me out of the water with her business growth since I’ve known her.   You go girl!!

So if you’re looking for blogging conferences I highly recommend trying the Savvy Blogging Summit.  You won’t be disappointed.

What conferences have you attended in your area of interest?

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11 Responses to Savvy Blogging Summit

  1. Sara Broers says:

    Looks like you had a great time!

    • CCOAF says:

      Oh Sara I soooo recommend Savvy! I hope you get a chance to attend sometime in the near future. I plan to go again depending on where the next location is.

  2. Me too Sara! Savvy was awesome. Tawnya was my roommate this year. She is such a neat and easy going person.

  3. Sherry, thank you so much for the mention and the link to my site. I really appreciate it.

    I really enjoyed getting to talk with you, Sherryl, and Lisa. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!

  4. Toni says:

    Thanks for attending this year! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  5. Organize 365 says:


    I didn’t have time to write a Savvy recap. SO glad you did/ {I cleaned toilets instead!} AWESOME conference. I can’t wait to go again next year!


  6. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂 I really wish I could have joined you-all. Hopefully next year! By the way, everyone looks great in these photos!

  7. Sherry, so glad you came this year! Love that you walked away with valuable information to help grow your platform. Wish we had more time to connect but hopefully we can have more downtime at a future local blogger meetup.

    • CCOAF says:

      I’m glad I made it a priority to go. Your team did a great job! Congrats to you all! I personally walked away with 5 income opportunities of which I’m so thankful. Not necessarily because of connections, but rather inspiration from speakers and my own drive to get back into a higher involvement in a conference. Not to worry I won’t be competition to Savvy, but rather branching into the Agriculture world and sharing social media with farmers, wives, & ag brands.

  8. Erin Chase says:

    Y’all are funny! So glad that you were able to join us and that you came away with such great nuggets of wisdom and to-dos.

    And keep on that inbox girl!


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