The Bunk Bed Review

If you’re thinking about purchasing a bunk bed there are many things to consider that you may not even know existed as well as the pros and cons to owning one.  Furthermore, you don’t need to have two children in a room in order to have a bunk bed.  So here are some things to think about before you purchase one.

Color & finish in my opinion is he easy part, because you’re either purchasing a full bedroom set that will come with matching furniture or you’re trying to match it to the furniture you already have.  Either way that’s the easy part.  If you plan on using the bed for and extended period of time then by all means get a nice wood finish as compared to a metal one.

Type will be the main challenge depending on the purpose of the bed as well as the location in the room.

Loft Beds – are great for small rooms to get the bed up off of the floor.  This type of bed allows you to created more usable space in the room which could be a  play area, desk space, art studio, etc.

Bunk Bed – is mainly needed when you have two children in one room, but let me remind you it is also nice for a one child room as well.  For instance, my sister-in-law bought a twin on full for my niece and it has become quite handy I must say.  Not only does my niece have another bed for friends (or cousins) when they sleep over, but she also has an extra bed for those times when she’s not feeling well and Mom/Dad can sleep with her when she’s sick.

Style for a bunk bed is twin on twin, twin on full, or full on full.  Check this one out though!  Pretty sharp!!  It’s got the loft bed, storage, desk, and trundle.



Great for fitting more than one child in a room, but I have to say that changing the sheets is a true pain in the butt.  For us one long side is against the wall so in order to change the sheets you have to get on top of the mattress to do so.  The bottom one isn’t to bad, but the top one is a pain.  I can’t wait for the boys to be old enough to change their own sheets.  😉


Before our third son was born we knew we had to decide how to arrange the kids in the amount of rooms we had.  At the time we had a house guest that was using the guest bedroom, and we had two other bedrooms for our, soon to be, three boys.  So shopping for a bunk bed was the answer.

There where so many things to consider when we purchased a bunk bed, because they come in so many designs and colors.  Thankfully we knew the color we wanted, so the next question was the design.  We’re all about trying to be as far as possible with my boys so we decided a twin on full was the answer.  Since the twin would be the small bed on top, then the bottom bed would be the bigger one.  That way there were positives to each level.  We also knew we wanted storage since we were going to have two boys in one room.

The one nice feature we love in the bunk bed unit we bought was the versatility of the unit.  Yes we bought a twin on full, but it could be turned into two separate twin beds if needed.  Love that for when the boys get older and grow out of the bunk bed stage.

Hope this helps if your trying to decide on a bunk bed!

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