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In my quest to not only utilize social media to promote our freezer beef sales, but also to become a seasoned blogger and make money in the social media world.  In order to do that I heard “brand yourself” constantly.  It took me a while originally to figure out what my “brand” would be and realized I was right in the thick of it . . . City Chic on a Farm.  Once the name was loud and clear it was time to start writing a blog, find and icon that fit my brand, and do everything possible to promote that brand.

First became writing.  Even though I was CCOAF I still wasn’t clear about what I was going to write about so I just started writing.  My writing slowly transformed into sharing what I’ve learned from My Farmer about the world of agriculture, which falls in the Farming 101 category.  Sharing the humor that comes with farming under the Farm Funnies.  Raising the boys by utilizing the farm, which falls under Parenting on the Farm.  There are other categories as well, but those are the ones I gravitate to the most.

After writing for 2 years the backdrop of my blog needed to be personalized and not just a basic theme so I hired Experience Farm to help me do that.  Along with the redesign of my blog also brought upon finding an icon that I would utilize to promote my brand all over social media.  After much time spent we came up with what you see here around this post.  Yep they did a great job!

Check out this unique business card by Amy from

In my opinion another phase of “branding” is ensuring you have business cards that includes all the social media outlets that your followers can find you on.  So that would be my blog URL, Twitter handle, Facebook fan page, and email.  Some bloggers include their address, phone number, etc., but in my opinion they should be able to contact me through what I’ve given them.

Last but not least is how to stand out in a crowd if you’re at a conference, Tweet-up, or even just out in public (sports events, concerts, etc).  I chose to  purchase a Cindy Tote from Thirty-One Gifts and had City Chic on a Farm monogrammed on the side of it (as shown above).  Now I can choose to promote my brand no matter where we are or I can take a break.  I’ve gotten many compliments on not only the bag, but the idea alone.

So in this digital world if you don’t choose to brand yourself I do suggest that you purchase the URL in your name.  For instance my URL is not only, but also as well as all of the names of my sons.  You never now when you might need it sometime.

Have you “branded” yourself?


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6 Responses to Brand Yourself

  1. organize 365 says:

    I agree! I have been working on branding for about 6 months now.
    So excited to learn more at bloggy con!


  2. Kim Croisant says:

    Thanks for sharing…Lots of info that will help us all. See you at Conference.



  3. Dad says:

    When you go into town your chariot / hay wagon / monster truck should have your brand plastered on it. BE PROUD!

  4. Love it! We brand ourselves everyday with the words we share and the company we keep! So grateful to collaborate with you! Can’t wait to talk about the importance of personal branding and being the CEO of you at Bloggy Con!

  5. I love how you had a Cindy tote personalized! I have one of them as well. I’m always looking for more way to “brand” myself. I have social media cards to pass out at conferences, meetings, etc. but need to be better at passing them out…

  6. Donna says:

    I am VERY new to the blogging world so reading this was quite helpful. I am considering getting cards now that I had a friend create a logo from a image my son created for me :0). there is SO much to learn. One of the resources that really got me started was by an author/blogger Jeff Goins at Not only does he has great information but he offers a lot of it for free. Plus, he is just an all around nice guy. He has several books on writing but also on making a difference in the world. I highly recommend him! Thanks for the info. I have met several blogs vis Bloggy Mom :0)!

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